Other Cool Places to Visit


California Avocado Commission

A trade organization dedicated to increasing the demand for avocados. We pay a fee per pound of our harvest to the CAC as part of being able to wholesale our avocados in a central market. This site has information for growers, consumers, retailers, and the foodservice industry.

California Avocado Society

A membership-based, non-profit organization providing information for commercial growers of avocados.

Hass Avocado Board

A site that has lots of information for consumers about Hass avocados.


The CAS has a more complete list of professional services available, but here are the services we use and recommend.

Brokaw Nursery

It is a must to go with a trusted, high-quality nursery for all your live plant needs. You have to make sure the plants you purchase are not contaminated with root rot or other diseases. This nursery is located in Ventura, which is a distance from our farm in Temecula, but we purchased our replacement trees and rootstocks here based on the recommendation of our manager. But pretty much everyone we spoke with recommended them as well. They have limited availability, so you have to order trees months in advance of your planned planting.

Fallbrook Ag-Laboratory
455 E Alvarado St, Fallbrook, CA 92028
(760) 728-4828

The Ag Lab provides various services and offers advice on growing and managing avocados. Rick Marrocco, an entomologist, would likely be the one who would work with you. They will do site assessments, take soil samples, conduct leaf analyses, or provide general advice. We used them to analyze our property and provide an assessment and recommendations for how to proceed with management of the grove. They covered everything, including irrigation recommendations, fertilization methods and timing, pest control, root rot testing, and stumping/tree replacement. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and although they have a specific philosophy and methods for managing a grove that others may do slightly different, their advice is generally the way you want to go to keep a grove healthy for the long-term.

Professional Grove Service, Inc.
Gary M. Dicks
Agricultural Consultants
PO Box 82
Fallbrook, CA 92088
(760) 723-2980

Gary is our grove manager. He can do it all. But he is also willing to work with you if you want to do some of the management yourself. Knowing that there was no way we could run the grove ourselves while still working full-time and raising kids, we had to find someone we could trust with proven results. He is very trust-worthy and extremely nice.

Rawson and Associates

Rolf Rawson was our AWESOME realtor. Seriously, if we did not have Rolf helping us out, this adventure never would have been realized. He grew up in the area, farms avocados himself, and knows anything and everything to know about the business. There is no one else I could dream up that could be more helpful. And he is super nice, too. He didn’t mind that we dragged our three kids with us on all the site visits, he even helped me carry one of the kids on a hot day, and he shared the bounty of his personal strawberry patch with us!


Avocado Source

“A free, virtual library of avocado knowledge.” This bare bones, but useful site is run by the Hofshi Foundation and is dedicated to sharing avocado knowledge globally.

The Avocado: Botany, Production and Uses

This is really the only book you would need to get on avocados if you are serious about growing them. It is super expensive, so I would try to get it from a library. The Fallbrook library has an older edition.

UC Riverside Avocado Information

The University of California, Riverside, site housing information about avocados, including varieties, flowering, irrigation, phenology, and rootstocks.

Cooperative Extension, Riverside
Cooperative Extension, San Diego

The UC Extensions provide lots of free information and services for the commercial grower as well as the home gardener. I love their Master Gardener programs. If only I had time to become one!

UC IPM Online

Integrated Pest Management for avocados.


Stray Cats and Blackberries

Bacon 24 Seven, by Theresa Gilliam and E. Jane Armstrong, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Labors of Love Yarn Store

Temecula Lavender Company

The Wool Lady

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