Fallbrook Avocado Festival

A couple weeks ago we attended the Fallbrook Avocado Festival. I have to admit it was a bit of a letdown. I was all pumped up to see lots of local merchants, meet local farmers, and discover new and fun avocado-related products, but it required a lot of digging to find the gems amongst the sea of your typical swap meet, ticky-tack booths. That being said, when the gems were found, they sparkled. You could find everything from conventional live trees, fresh avocados, and avocado oils, to the avante garde items like avocado cigars, wind chimes, or bird nests! Below is a montage of photos from the fair involving anything we came across related to avocados.

This fair could really turn into something amazing and wonderful with just a little more effort in planning. I do hope that it improves in future years by getting rid of the non-local, trinket booths and focusing instead on the two most important reasons people want to attend the fair – Fallbrook and Avocados.

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